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Award winning Property & Business Finance, Protection & Insurance solutions for private and corporate clients. 


RCK Partners are a leading tax consultancy specialising in optimising commercial property tax savings, within Capital Allowances, Land Remediation Relief and Business Rates. Their distinctive self-regulation approach ensures each claim submitted to HMRC undergoes meticulous review by their in-house, independent, compliance team. With a team comprising property specialists, chartered surveyors, and former HMRC inspectors, RCK offer tailored solutions that maximise tax benefits for their clients. Contact RCK for a complimentary audit of your property tax position.

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Helping you to get noticed by your ideal client and generate leads through LINKEDIN.

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Advanced data and insight for property investors & businesses and revolutionise your property business with
Al-driven efficiency and advanced datasets.

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Parker Liddle Architecture provides bespoke Architecture and Interior Design services for a diverse clientele, including property investors , homeowners and developers.

The UK's Only Network dedicated to helping homeowners and investors at risk of losing their properties, get the help they need so they can start afresh, repair their credit and be debt-free. are recognised as the UK's foremost advanced title splitting property training company. Their expertise lies in offering comprehensive training and guidance to both UK and international investors on leveraging title splitting for constructing a resilient and lucrative property portfolio. Through their guidance, investors learn to implement the title splitting strategy (also known as freehold – leasehold), fostering cash flow and long-term equity growth for a sustainable hold and sell approach.

DOWNLOAD their free guide on Title Splitting from

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How to succeed in property and business.

The essential knowledge, inspiration and market insights you need. The Blue Bricks Magazine keeps your finger on the pulse of the property market. The insights held within the pages give you the tools, strategies and templates needed to build your property portfolio and leave a lasting legacy.

They interview the most renowned and experienced names in the industry to gain valuable insights that people normally pay thousands to learn.


But, for the price of a cup of coffee a month, you’re equipped with all the information you need to learn new investment strategies, pay less tax and increase your income.

PSN community members receive a 38% discount to Blue Bricks Magazine for £37.00 / year.

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